Thanks to…

…all my musical inspirations, friends, teachers, and coaches: Christa Franasek, Esther Nell, Monika Fink, Marie-Theres Hunger, Brigitta Iseli, Anet Zemp, Karin Streule, Isabel Alvarez, Rosi Navarro Villanueva, Domenica Rodriguez, Isabel Amaya, Marisol Valderrama, Renata Nuñes, Eleonora Manica, Daniel Portmann, Vicente Cortés, Ladina Bucher, Sheila Runa Lindauer, Collie Herb, JoElle&The Mighty Roots, Katja Mair, Pascal Galeone, Katrin Frauchiger, Susanne Abbuehl, Lauren Newton, Ricardo Regidor, Leila Martial, Joanna Pascale, Judy Niemack, Médéric Collignon, Paulien Van Schaik, Lisette Spinnler, Ann Malcolm, Martin Fondse, Leïla Martial, Perico Sambeat and others!

…my boys (Esrin Sossai Quintett): Linus Meier, Oskar Arnold, Pablo Gisler, Balz Muheim/Silvan Schmid/Alen Hodzic/Lucas Wohlhauser, for sharing a lot of beautiful musical moments, lots of love and fun moments!

…Arthur Häberli for your ability to capture the most real and beautiful moments of a fotoshoot (!

…Andrea Burch for your help with the English language (yes, the present perfect indeed is a mean fellow!)!

…my familiy and friends, who (especially my mom!) always support and coach me!