Born in 1996 in Fribourg (Switzerland), the Swiss singer and composer with Italian-Turkish roots has now been living in the town of Lucerne (Switzerland) for about 20 years.

Since early childhood she has been interested in music, playing the flute for six years, as well as classical guitar and flamenco guitar for seven years. She also had classical piano lessons for four years.

Further on in 2010 she discovered two passions of her own, flamenco dance and flamenco singing, which she still pursues with a lot of dedication. In 2014 she wrote a thesis with the title „Flamenco: Cante, guitarra y baile“.

From 2011 to 2016 Esrin Sossai attended jazz-vocal-classes with Anet Zemp and Karin Streule.

Since she has started collaborating with the flamenco-guitarrists Vicente Cortes and Daniel Portmann in 2016, Esrin Sossai has been allowed to immerge more and more into the world of flamenco, as a singer, a dancer or a teacher.

From 2016 to 2017 she attended singing lessons with Katja Mair and Pascal Galeone during precollege at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

In 2016 the Esrin Sossai Jazzquintett and the Duo „Luna del alba“ were founded. Luna del alba is active up until now.

In 2017 the singer was touring as a backing vocalist with two reggae bands, Collie Herb & The Mighty Roots and JoElle and collected experiences concerning reggae music.

Since 2017 Esrin Sossai has been studying vocals at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (jazz-department), and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Music degree in July 2020. Her main vocal teachers were Susanne Abbuehl, Lauren Newton, Sarah Buechi and Kristin Berardi. She also attended classical vocal classes with Katrin Frauchiger and piano lessons with Ricardo Regidor (this list of teachers is of course incomplete, but focussing on the main subjects of her studies). Esrin Sossai will be completing her Master of Arts in Musicpedagogy June 2022. She also enjoyed various vocal-masterclasses with teachers such as Leila Martial, Joanna Pascale, Judy Niemack, Médéric Collignon, Paulien Van Schaik, Lisette Spinnler, Ann Malcolm, amongst others.

At the moment the singer is active with her project „Luna del alba“ which can be seen as a Duo, Trio or Orchestral formation. Esrin Sossai is also working on further compositions for her project.