The project „Flamencalle“ is based on the idea of bringing flamenco music and dance into Swiss streets, intead of performing on stages. Another goal is to partly eliminate the barrier between the artists and the public, and to transform this rather difficult art form named flamenco into something more accessible for the public. The dancers encourage the public to take part in the performance and dance with them, or clap their hands, etc. The focus lays on any kind of movement the public makes in order to react to the music or the performance of the dancers. The dancers themselves later react to the movements of the public and try to include them into their own movements, which creates reciprocal mirrors between the public and the artists. The musicians play partly traditional flamenco, and partly modern/own compositions.

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Members of the project

Renata Nuñes, dancer
Ladina Bucher/“LaDina“, dancer
Daniel Portmann/“El coco“, guitarist
Esrin Sossai/“La de Triana“, singer