Luna del alba

The Duo „Luna del alba“ was founded in 2016. Esrin Sossai and flamenco-guitarrist Daniel Portmann met at a flamenco-concert, and soon started to work together as a Duo. Since flamenco is a genre which requires a lot of dedication and time to practise they spent a lot of time singing and playing flamenco in Portmann’s Andalusian-like kitchen. „Luna del alba“ plays traditional flamenco, but also own compositions, which usually maintain the traditional rhythmic structure of one of the „palos“ (musical styles in flamenco music). The name „Luna del alba“ symbolizes the „beauty of waking up“. „Luna“, moon,  as an inspiring element of many artworks, and as an allegory of the beauty of life. „Alba“, dawn, as a symbol of openness and clarity of mind, that deepens in the essence of oneself.

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Band members

Esrin Sossai-Voc.&comp.                              Daniel Portmann-Guit.&comp.